Manage Your Business With Iriscall Business Products

Technology has made its presence felt in businesses of every kind. In order to keep themselves updated and at par with other firms, every business needs to deploy some new methods or techniques. Iriscall is a company which is a world class supplier of business products. Every product has a specification of its own which are that are optimized in accordance with your business needs.

Following is a brief description of the products offered by Iriscall and how your business can be benefited by them.


Vaiox is an intelligent tool that enables a smarter and more integrated approach to communications. When a number of communication mediums are in place, it affects the overall productivity. It is better to use a product that has all the features integrated into it. VAIOX is an All-in-One platform that delivers easy and effective optimized communications.


CherryFile is an advanced file sharing system that allows you to store your photos, videos and documents centrally in the CherryFile servers. All the files are automatically synchronized across all your devices making is easy to access your data anytime and at anywhere. When one person adds a file, it gets instantly updated in all the other CherryFile users. CherryFile eliminates the need to carry your data physically in portable drives or email it.


This product is a fully integrated web-based support system that enjoys an overwhelming amount of functionalities. SuperChameleon can be customized to any niche, demand or business model. It is fully integrated into social media, which enables you to be in touch with your customer's queries. SuperChameleon has all the features which make it a high-end support system.


Iriscall is committed towards providing the business firms with top-notch IT solutions. The products developed by Iriscall will give a new direction to your business. All the products developed by Iriscall are regularly updated to meet industry standards. Providing our clients with reliable and high-quality products is our motto.